Clinicians don’t have much extra time on their hands

Whether writing up evals, typing progress notes, begging insurance to cover services, handling complex caseloads, or attending staff or IEP meetings, you’re always on the go.

Enter Constant Therapy – it’s free for clinicians, it saves you time in countless ways, and helps you deliver evidence-based therapy to your stroke or brain injury patients. Here’s how:

  1. No more making or searching for speech therapy materials. Making, finding, or copying materials can often make up a large chunk of our planning time. Let Constant Therapy do it for you. We have everything ready to go for you – no copies needed, no digging through drawers or file cabinets – everything is ready for you to use your therapy skills to provide patients with the research-driven therapy that they need.
  1. Constant Therapy can assign homework for you. When your in-clinic patients continue their therapy at home with homework, Constant Therapy can assign that homework for you. The great thing is that the program also has up to a 15-day free trial period as well, so patients can see if it works for them. It enables patients to do homework independently, since the app only presents tasks that are appropriate for the patient’s skill level and provides cues for the patient.
  1. Forget taking online data – the app’s got it under control. Taking data during a session is key for knowing exactly where your clients are and what they need – but sometimes it can take away from your interaction with patients. If you’re using Constant Therapy, the program is taking data for you for each task, and even for each item – and it’s not just noting right or wrong. It keeps track of how long patients take to answer questions, and compares it to their baseline performance as well.
  1. Progress Notes – Check! Hate having to type up progress notes? Let Constant Therapy generate one for you. Constant Therapy will provide accuracy relative to baseline for all tasks for any set amount of time (you get to set the time period – just click on the “Reports” tab at the bottom and then select your ideal “date range” in the top left corner). It also tells you what cues a patient used and how long they took on tasks. And the program can e-mail you this info so you can copy-paste into whatever data-tracking method you use at your facility.

Constant Therapy is free for you as a clinician and for you to use with as many patients as you like in one-on-one sessions.

If patients would like to use Constant Therapy at home or independent of a clinician (such as patients who can’t access a clinician due to geography or insurance difficulties) they can purchase a monthly subscription plan. Patients can get a 15-day free trial so they can see if the app works for and motivates them.

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