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“We are so happy with Constant Therapy! When the app was too hard for my husband who had a very bad stroke, they restarted it for us as I had been giving correct answers to teach him how to do it. When we hadn't used the app for several days due to many appointments they called to ask why and then they reset it again to the basic level. We are still in the trial period but as soon as it's over we will buy this great and helpful, healing app for years to come. Thank you so much for helping our lives begin again and giving us new hope.”

Cheryl Hodges, Wife of Constant Therapy User

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“If you are looking at this chances are a friend or family member just had the worst day of their lives. This application is wonderful and it works, and I'm a former programmer and fairly picky about apps. But, aside from it working so well, the support that comes with it is great, something rare in the world of apps today. You may be having the worst week of your life right now and speaking to some clown at customer support is the last thing you need. These guys were on the phone to my sister helping her from their homes at 9pm THEIR TIME. They went way more than the extra mile helping a computer illiterate get the app up and running. It works, it's simple, the support is spectacular. Can't ask for a lot more. Oh yeah, reasonable price too with the first month free. If you have someone in your life with a TBI or that just had a stroke, don't pass up the opportunity to do something great for them.”

Phil Smith, Brother of Constant Therapy User

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“Thank you for this product. You have no idea what a wonderful gift the Constant Therapy app has given me. You have given me back some of my dignity and my abilities to feel like I can accomplish something. It allows me to get up in the morning knowing that I can accomplish something and feel good. Thank you so so very very much.”

Sheree, Constant Therapy User

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“I cannot recommend the Constant Therapy app enough. For the past 6 months, my son has used the app about three times a week. The app is like a virtual therapist. It's very easy to use, and it gives him immediate feedback on his brain rehabilitation. He now understands things faster, can make decisions with less hesitation, has improved recognition of words, and his confidence is higher. I also find it easy to get in touch with customer service; they pleasantly help out. The whole experience has been great.”

Miriam, Mother of Constant Therapy User

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“I work full time, and I used to feel guilty that I did not have the energy to sit with my husband and practice speech therapy after work each evening. The Constant Therapy app allows Paul to practice when he wants and get immediate feedback. Each evening I go over the results with him, and we look at levels he has progressed as well as areas that are more difficult for him. I share the results with his SLPs so they are informed about strengths and weaknesses.  

Overall the app has been a wonderful supplement to Paul's speech therapy. He is eager to use it daily to see if he can improve his score or if there are changes in the app. Constant Therapy is more adaptive than other speech therapy apps, and tasks don't get tedious.

Thanks for your work. It has helped both the patient and caregiver!”

Esther, Wife of Constant Therapy User

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“The Constant Therapy app has helped me gather my confidence by building on and reinforcing old forgotten skills. It helps to see my percentages increase, and work harder when they decrease. It's very self-motivating.”

Kathryn, a more confident Constant Therapy User

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“This is the most complete brain therapy app I have found. It automatically checks what has been done and loads more tasks to be completed. The app is easy to learn and use. It is my husband's favorite app.”

Jadkar, Wife of  Constant Therapy User

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“I am a gastroenterologist recovering from a serious occipital lobe stroke that resulted in a dense hemianopsia and a great deal of loss of visual memory. I have been using the Constant Therapy app daily for over 3 months and found it extremely helpful to my recovery. I have only praise and gratitude to those involved in the development of the Constant Therapy app.”

Geo, Constant Therapy User

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“I had a stroke which left me with aphasia. Constant Therapy is an excellent app! My clinician was able to tailor it for my needs. I use it every day along with therapy. With aphasia, reading is hard and it is difficult to read numbers. The app has helped me enormously. As I go along, the tasks get harder, and I can see the progress I have made. I like that the tasks have a scale 1-5. And I see that they are going up! I can't say enough about the Constant Therapy app!”

Wendy D., Constant Therapy User

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“The Constant Therapy app provides my daughter with tools we can use for additional rehab at home every day. I like that the app is easy enough for a non-specialist like me to use.”

Steve, Parent of TBI surviver

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“I felt incredibly fortunate to have found the Constant Therapy app. Mom and I are both amazed at the ease of use as well as the benefits she received from this program. Her speech therapist was wonderful, but the ability to rehab at home with the app improved her outcomes in so many other ways. The immediate feedback provided by the app was helpful, and it allowed her to work independently, at a time that worked best for her, which is not always during a therapist's work day. I am proud to endorse this app; its impact has been miraculous, and I love the product because it makes a difference on so many levels.”

Tina, Stroke patient's daughter

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“I love this! I know that using the Constant Therapy app helps me so much! In around a month, I have gotten sooooooooo much better because of the app. I work and work, and it pays off. Thank you so much for helping me.”

Jeff, Brain injury (TBI) patient

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“My 75 year old husband had a stroke last year. He had never used a computer before the stroke but finds it easy to use the Constant Therapy app on the iPad. He was an avid crossword puzzle fan so this is a nice challenge for him. He is eager to use the app daily because he's rewarded with new material as he masters what he's working on. The tasks in the app are very applicable and practical in everyday life, and the immediate feedback is excellent. I have witnessed my husband getting so much better from using this app. I have spent hours looking for other brain and speech therapy apps, and nothing compares to Constant Therapy. This is a must-have app for people with aphasia.”

Terri, Wife of Constant Therapy User

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“One of the greatest challenges over the last 5 years was how to provide speech therapy for my mom at home. My mom is a stroke survivor who acquired aphasia. Insurance coverage was limited for her rehabilitation, and our family tried to supplement her speech therapy the best we could at home. We worked on flash cards, worksheets, games, etc. We would try anything we thought would help facilitate an improvement in her speech while trying to keep her upbeat and positive about the potential to improve her communication abilities.  This is no small challenge for caregivers who are not trained in speech therapy and are still trying to adapt to life with a loved one who has lost their ability to communicate their daily needs.  

  We finally discovered the Constant Therapy app, which provides speech therapy that can be done at home. The app has given my mom countless hours of speech therapy and a renewed feeling that she still has the potential to make improvements in her rehab even 5 years post stroke. 

 Thank you Constant Therapy for an app that truly does support my mother's individual rehabilitation efforts. ”

Karen, Daughter of Constant Therapy User

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“The Constant Therapy app makes my job much easier. It records patient progress automatically and enables my patients to continue their therapy at home. I can immediately see how they are performing.”

Dr. Laura Lenkey, CCC-SLP

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“I have five school-aged clients currently using the Constant Therapy app to supplement their work with me. These students range from 2nd through 6th grade, and their areas of disability cover attention, literacy, and language areas.

 I love that I can personalize their programs to address specific needs. They love that they can do their work on an iPad. They are consistently doing their homework, making progress, and I can measure their progress from afar and even tweak their tasks as/if needed.

The Constant Therapy app is a wonderful addition to my practice. It makes the homework piece so much easier, and I look forward to continuing to work with it!”

Stephanie, MS CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist

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“I have an 83 year old dementia patient who is recovering from a hand injury. Using the Constant Therapy app is her "reward" for completing other components of her therapy program. She really seems to enjoy the sounds and graphics when getting a correct response, and I enjoy being able to track her progress easily. She persists with Constant Therapy for longer periods of time than most other activities. This is helping greatly in the functional recovery of her hand.”

Marian, Occupational Therapist Pathologist

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“The more I use the therapy app, the more I like it. I love the problem solving aspect of the tasks with just enough cueing for the individual to make their way through. It really allows it to be THEIR program, and for their spouse to be out of the room. I was using the naming task with a Parkinson's patient today and love the little sound level meter. Perfect for her to multi-task and work on two areas of difficulty for her: word retrieval and vocal intensity. The activities also make it possible for me to translate the skill back into a functional daily activity.”


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“My current SLP position is as a school therapist in a K-12 school system. I am also on the Nebraska regional brain injury school support team and on call in two rural hospitals.  

 I originally got interested in the Constant Therapy app as a tool to help my hospital patients, but quickly realized how functional it could be for many of my school-aged children; even those without brain injuries.

Many of my middle school and high school students struggle with attention, mental flexibility and problem solving skills, so these programs are great to use as a supplemental therapy tool. The students like comparing their scores to their baseline scores, and they find the activities fun and motivating. Getting the students acclimated to the programs is a breeze.

Constant Therapy is one of my “go to” iPad apps. I would recommend it to any speech pathologist. Check it out!”

Catherine Schroeder, M.A., CCC-SLP Allen, NE

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“As a speech-language pathologist working with neurologically impaired patients, I have found the Constant Therapy app to be a great adjunct to their treatment plan. My brain injury (TBI) patients in particular, have been very receptive to this and find the feedback the app provides on their performance and progress very gratifying. Additionally, I like the fact that Constant Therapy allows for development of a personalized program for each patient based upon their current level of function. I would highly recommend the Constant Therapy app!”

Elaine,  CCC-SLP

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“The Constant Therapy app has been a valuable resource in providing consistent, measurable skill-based training to my patients with cognitive and language disorders. Even though I am only able to see my patients 1-2 times per week, I am able to track their progress remotely and monitor their performance outside of the clinical setting. Hence, with the use of Constant Therapy, I am able to provide my patients with both the teaching of functional strategies in the clinic as well as skill-based training at home to best promote their cognitive-linguistic rehabilitation.”

Laura,  CCC-SLP, MA

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“I love the Constant Therapy app. It stands above the competition because it is more focused on rehabilitation than just exercise.”


Quotation Mark

“I love the reports and analytics we get from the app. An average clinician should save 30-45 mins in paperwork time per patient visit due to the Constant Therapy app.”

Bob D.,  CCC-SLP, MA

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“It is terrific knowing that when clients leave the clinic they can use the Constant Therapy app to work on their therapy at home. They can get much more consistent practice with language activities, which is critical in regaining language in the rehab process. With insurance reimbursement for speech and language therapy tighter, having something like Constant Therapy that enables clients to continue their recovery is critical.”

Fabiane M. Hirsch (Kruse),  Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Saguaro Speech & Language / Aphasia Center of Tucson, AZ

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“The Constant Therapy app knocked my socks off. It is the future of rehabilitation because it allows people to work independently, without the big cost of having personalized effort.

The Constant Therapy app has empowered our members to extend their therapy outside the center. The beauty of the product is that they can access unlimited speech therapy at home. I am 100% convinced that Constant Therapy will revolutionize the world of aphasia. It maximizes patients' rehabilitation potential that is usually curtailed by finances.

The best and brightest in the field have developed the Constant Therapy app - that was an enormous hook for us.

Constant Therapy automatically tracks a comprehensive set of metrics that good clinicians would track manually. It saves a tremendous amount of time and collects the data that a 3rd party reimbursement organization would want to see. To my knowledge, this does not exist in other speech therapy apps.”

Darlene Williamson,  MA, CCC-SLP, Executive Director, Stroke Comeback Center, Vienna, VA