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Revolutionizing brain recovery 

We believe in the power of digital therapeutics to improve access to therapy, reduce the cost of delivering it and increase the efficacy of therapy for patients. Let us put that power to work for you. 


Incorporate Constant Therapy

Constant Therapy delivers personalized, clinically proven therapy to those with brain injury, neurological disorders, and speech disorders, with exercises across 80 categories of cognitive, language, and speech therapy. Constant Therapy has been used by tens of thousands of people for stroke therapy and to support brain rehabilitation across a range of other conditions, including traumatic brain injury (TBI), and neurological disorders such as aphasia, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Maximize patients’ rehabilitation potential

  • Digitized, evidence-based, clinically proven exercises eliminate need for paper-based exercises for stroke therapy and brain rehabilitation
  • Exercises adapt to each patient, and continue to optimize over time
  • Patients and clinicians have dashboards to track progress over time
  • Unlimited access to therapy—ideal for patients who require a high-frequency, long-duration treatment strategy and maintain clinical therapy after discharge

Standardize stroke therapy and brain rehabilitation care and reduce administrative burden

  • The Constant Therapy platform automates reporting and documentation from every level of care, across institutions: patients, clinicians, and facilities
  • Providers can view measurable outcomes to fine-tune and improve the standard of care for brain rehabilitation
  • Automated reporting and documentation create process efficiencies and consistencies, and reduce a significant administrative burden for providers

Commercial and research

Current areas of investigation include stroke, TBI, dementia, and neurological disorders such as aphasia, dysarthria, and apraxia.

Use Constant Therapy in practice

The Learning Corp can build a customized version of the Constant Therapy platform to meet the needs of your enterprise. Contact us to see how we can adapt Constant Therapy for you.

Use Constant Therapy in research

Constant Therapy can be used or adapted for investigational clinical trials.

If you have an idea for the use of Constant Therapy or the NeuroPerformance Engine™ to conduct research, please contact us.

Use Constant Therapy to access data

The Learning Corp is home to one of the world’s largest brain rehabilitation databases, with a robust longitudinal record of therapy delivery with more than 90 million+ exercises completed across 80 therapeutic categories.

Quotation Mark

“The Constant Therapy app knocked my socks off. It is the future of speech, cognitive, and language rehabilitation because it allows people to work independently, without the big cost of having individualized effort.”

Darlene Williamson, MA, CCC-SLP, Executive Director, Stroke Comeback Center, Vienna, VA

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