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Millions live with chronic brain disorders or injuries. We put life-changing brain therapy in their hands.

The Learning Corp was founded on the idea that digitizing therapy can help improve care, reduce costs, and help people reach new heights of recovery. 

By combining AI and real-world evidence in an easy-to-use app, Constant Therapy, we’re delivering clinically-proven, personalized brain exercises that can help people reignite their cognitive, speech, and language abilities. And we’re continuously optimizing the world’s understanding of the factors contributing to brain health, so that we can serve people across a range of neurological conditions.

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A career diplomat, Mark Lenzi was a U.S. State Department security engineering officer stationed in Guangzhou, China when a targeted microwave attack left him, his family and colleagues with severe headaches and memory loss. While the harrowing details of his brain injury have been covered by national media outlets, Mark recently shared the previously untold story of his recovery – and the app that helped him get back on duty. “I’ve had fantastic results from Constant Therapy.”