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Millions live with chronic brain disorders or injuries. We put life-changing brain therapy in their hands.

The Learning Corp was founded on the idea that digitizing therapy can help improve care, reduce costs, and help people reach new heights of recovery. 

By combining AI and real-world evidence in an easy-to-use app, Constant Therapy, we’re delivering clinically-proven, personalized brain exercises that can help people reignite their cognitive, speech, and language abilities. And we’re continuously optimizing the world’s understanding of the factors contributing to brain health, so that we can serve people across a range of neurological conditions.

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Impact, for life

Mike built supercomputers before an accidental fall in the shower left him clinging to life. He survived a severe subdural hematoma, but was left with cognitive challenges that included short-term memory and focus. Mike talks about how Constant Therapy helped him improve his cognitive function and regain his professional aptitude, so much so that today, he’s enrolled in online programming courses. “Constant Therapy is one of the things that brought me back to being me.”

Mike, survivor of traumatic brain injury, and his wife, Julie