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Advancing the science of brain recovery

Digital therapeutics
that transform outcomes

The Learning Corp is building the next generation in digital therapeutics by going beyond current clinical strategies to expand and enhance the approach to brain rehabilitation.

We believe in the power of digital therapeutics to seamlessly and simply integrate therapy into peoples’ lives—improving access, driving down costs, and reaching new heights of recovery.

That belief is behind our award-winning app, Constant Therapy, and it drives our current clinical areas of focus, which include brain injury and neurological and speech disorders.

Digital therapeutics that transform brain recovery

Today, digital therapeutics are online solutions used to manage or treat a medical condition, in concert with or in place of traditional therapies or prescription-based treatments. Typically delivered via apps or web-based solutions, digital therapeutics allow people to easily access therapy independently and frequently, so they can work continuously toward better outcomes.

For The Learning Corp, digital therapeutics holds even greater promise. By upending the typical clinical approach to product development, we have given patients direct access to tools they can use immediately, and set up the process to learn from their experience to refine it. Now we’re in a unique position to develop digital therapeutics as a means to increase the speed of innovation and adoption, not just for stroke and TBI patients, but for anyone living with a neurological condition.

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