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Millions live with chronic neurological conditions as a result of stroke or other brain injury, or the onset of progressive disorders like Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Many can improve brain function with long-term therapy, but access to that therapy is limited by insurance coverage, and by a shortage of licensed clinicians. 

Recovery shouldn’t stop after a clinic visit, or when insurance runs out. Because the brain’s ability to heal never stops. 

We believe that large scale data and AI, which has augmented our lives in other areas, can support us when we need it most: to help the brain recover from injury or decline, and to inform new advances in brain health

Today we’re working to deliver a personalized course of therapy that can help injured patients reignite their essential life skills. As we collect and share insights, we’ll do even more to enhance recovery protocols, and use technology responsibly to continuously learn about the human brain, for the good of all. 

Standardize Care Delivery

Real-time performance metrics allow for remote monitoring of progress, delivery of effective and highly personalized brain therapy at scale.

Reduce Costs

Providers deliver brain therapy more cost effectively, and users can access it without limits for a full year for less than the cost of one in-clinic session.

Improve Outcomes

Constant Therapy home users take less time to master tasks and practice therapy more frequently than users who only practice in the clinic.

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