How Constant Therapy Works

Clinically proven stroke and TBI rehabilitation exercises

The name “Constant Therapy” means that you can keep therapy going constantlyThis is positive news for people going through traumatic brain injury (TBI) or stroke rehabilitation, who may have speech or cognitive disorders, because ongoing, consistent effort is important when it comes to stroke and TBI rehabilitation.

For many people, more time on therapy means better results. Some people may need months to recover, while others may need years. So it is important that you have access to the exercises your brain needs on a regular basis. With Constant Therapy, you can do therapy exercises as much as you wish, even outside of your clinician’s office.

It’s never too late to rehabilitate your brain. Learn more about how the brain heals.

With Constant Therapy, you can take charge of your recovery and can go at your own pace.


Gives 24/7 access to clinically proven exercises

  • Constant Therapy is a mobile app, so you can do therapy anytime, anywhere.
  • You can use Constant Therapy with both your clinician and on your own, so treatment doesn’t have to end when you’re discharged.
  • Each brain exercise is clinically proven.

Tracks your progress

  • The app tracks your progress to help you clearly see where you are improving or where you might need extra effort.
  • You can view your TBI or stroke rehabilitation resulting in real-time.
  • If you use Constant Therapy with your clinician, he/she can review your work on their clinician dashboard. They can then refine your therapy program according to your needs

Adapts to your ability

  • Constant Therapy exercises are smart and adapt to you. They will get harder or easier based on your improvement, keeping you challenged and your stroke rehabilitation on track.
  • The NeuroPerformance Engine™ is the technology that helps Constant Therapy adapt to your TBI rehabilitation needs, using artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize exercises just for you.
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“Thank you so much for helping our lives begin again and giving us new hope.”

Cheryl Hodges, Caregiver of Constant Therapy User

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