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Maximize your patients’ rehabilitation potential. Expand your clinical purview. Reduce administration load.

Constant Therapy is the app that is breaking boundaries in how you plan, implement, and analyze brain rehabilitation.

Constant Therapy eliminates the need for paper-based exercises, standardizes and automates patient reporting, and allows you to send patients home with the peace of mind that they are engaged in clinically-proven therapy.

When using Constant Therapy in your treatment plan, patients have the independence to do more therapy on their own time, between appointments and even after they’ve been discharged.

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Constant Therapy patients showed significant improvements in speech, language and cognitive skills.

  • In a trial, patients with access to Constant Therapy did 4X more therapy, resulting in significant improvement. See the study.

Mobile library of evidence-based exercises with real-time feedback 

  • Constant Therapy has one of the most comprehensive databases of therapeutic exercises and treatment algorithms in the world, and grows every day with the experience of 100,000+ users
  • Features exercises across 80+ clinical categories, and produces a new exercise every 3.5 seconds, as the app constantly iterates new versions based on individual users’ needs
  • Exercises adapt to patients’ strengths and weaknesses and give real-time feedback they can understand

Automated documentation and performance analytics

  • The NeuroPerformance Engine™ is the self-learning, revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technology that constantly monitors and analyzes patient performance, to optimize and individualize their exercises
  • You can view performance analytics from by logging in to the Constant Therapy provider portal, to help you make informed decisions and fine-tune therapy
  • The Constant Therapy platform automates reporting and documentation reduce a significant burden from clinicians, creating process efficiencies, consistencies, and cost savings

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Easy implementation in conjunction with your treatment, and after patients are discharged

  • Patients can use Constant Therapy in your practice and at home
  • Multiple clinicians can easily support a single patient via the Constant Therapy provider portal, whether speech-language pathologists (SLP), occupational therapists (OT), or special educators
  • Easily add new patients to your roster and view all your patients’ performance from the portal
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“Helping patients with speech therapy is my passion. I love the reports and analytics I get from Constant Therapy; it saves me 30 to 45 minutes in paperwork per patient visit.”


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