Continuing education

Free on-demand courses so you can earn ASHA credits anytime, anywhere.

The Learning Corp, makers of Constant Therapy, offer a library of free on-demand course videos. If you’d like to earn ASHA CEUs, sign in to the Continuing Education Portal with your Constant Therapy Clinician account credentials (or create an account if you don’t already have one). Then, click on Course Library to enroll in the course and skip straight to the learning assessment. Happy learning and earning!

Course library

Constant Therapy: A complete guide to implementing into clinical practice

Learn the science behind the Constant Therapy app and learn how to use it in your clinical practice.

Power of practice: Using
homework to support

Learn how adults with neurological
conditions can maximize their
outcomes with homework.

Insights on outcomes of technology-based treatment for aphasia

Learn the latest research findings on incorporating technology into aphasia rehabilitation.

Embracing advances in technology as SLPs:
Beyond AAC & apps

Learn how to use everyday technology to build strategies for clients with language and cognitive impairments.